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Friday, December 2, 2016

You have the power to choose

Something that I want to share:

A professor of philosophy, standing in front of his class, took a 5-liter glass jar and filled it with stones. He asked his students whether the jar was full. They answered, "Yes, it is."

Then he opened a can of peas, poured the contents into the jar, and shook it a little. Naturally, the peas occupied the free space among the stones. The professor asked the students once again whether the jar was full. They answered, "It is."

Then he took a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Obviously, the sand took up all the free space and covered everything. The professor asked his students whether the jar was full. They replied, "It is. Now it's definitely full."

Then the professor said, "And now I want you to understand that the jar is your life. Stones are the most important things in your life: family, health, friends, children - everything you need for your life to stay full, even if other things will get lost. Peas mean things that became important to you: job, house, car. Sand is the rest: trifles. If you fill your jar with sand first, you won't have space for peas and stones. The same thing about your life: if you spend all your time and energy on trifles, you won't have enough space for the most important things. Do what makes you happy: play with your children, pay attention to your spouse, meet with your friends. You'll always have enough time to work, clean your house, fix and wash your car. Focus on the stones first - focus on the most important things in your life. Define your priorities. The rest is just sand."